In Between- 
Design rebirth (manifesto)

Going through Instagram you can easily see how our
Hyper-modernist society is dealing with our obsession with control and communication: man is becoming his own designer.
Constantly trying to translate his/her soul or personality into the good image (Instagram), the good clothes or the good words (Facebook,Twitter...). Putting a lot of time and effort to communicate well and try to become true, attractive and saleable (Meetic,Tinder, Grinder...). Always in need to reshape, redesign or reinvent ourselves through mutilations, surgery, body modification into someone different or more “authentic”. Indefinitely looking for something, we are erasing more and more everyday.

Human Design is in need of new rules, a kind of rebirth where we would contemplate things as if it was the first time, and make a fresh start. By fresh start I don’t mean to forget about our past history and experiences, but drawing a conclusion, dream and act. We might be in need of political poetry, in need of a dream.

As a design rebirth, I decided to build rules for myself, regarding the political poetry of Design and the link that Design has with the other/the user, imagining how it can be done. Rules that I want to use and follow.